Where To Buy Adapexin-P In The UK

Adapexin-P UK

Phentermine is weight loss drug that can only be obtained under consultation from a GP or doctor and subsequent prescription.

It is available under several brand names with Adipex-P being perhaps the most common and well known.

With that in mind it is not surprising that there are commercial products that brand themselves close to the original – familiarity breeds content.

Adapexin-P is not a million miles away from Adipex-P it is positioned as the commercially and non prescription alternative to the Phentermine based weight loss drug.

Adapexin-P Review

A cursory glance and the official website reveals it has been voted the “best weight loss pill of the year” – an accolade that they have also won the previous year. As there is no acknowledgement as from whom the title was awarded we can only assume it was a self granted one.

Self gratification aside the formula consists of 7 clinically proven ingredients designed to help you burn more fat, help you to eat less and ultimately help you to lose weight.

“Phenylethylamine is the flagship ingredient it is also been coined the “Love Drug”. It is extracted from chocolate and is responsible for what chocaholics call “Chocolate High”

What Is In Adapexin-P

The formula consists of substance that are common place in a whole host of other fat burners including caffeine, vitamin B12, ginger root and chromax. Perhaps the ingredient of most interest is Phenylethylamine (37.5 mg) which is sometimes commuted to PEA.

Does Adapexin-P Work

Phenylethylamine is the flagship ingredient it is also been coined the “Love Drug”. It is extracted from chocolate and is responsible for what chocolate addicts call “Chocolate High”

Although there is an association between PEA and depression recovery there is little evidence to suggest it is usual as a weight loss aid.

Does Adapexin-P Cause Side Effects

May be responsible for headaches and mild nausea largely due to its caffeine content – otherwise nothing untoward has been reported or documented fashion.

Where To Buy Adapexin-P In The UK

Not a familiar sight as far as the UK high street is concerned – Boots, Superdrug, Holland and Barrett etc are not likely to be stockists. Can be purchased online from the official US website and one of tow other third party webstores with dubious looking credentials.

Other Phentermine Based Weight Loss Pills To Consider

Phenq-6Arguably the weight loss pill with the most exciting story to tell is PhenQ – Not an original brand name by any stretch of the imagination but as far as effect is concerned is currently leading “Non Prescription Phentermine” market by some margin.

PhenQ is produced using pharmacy grade ingredients but available for sale in the commercial market.

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