Myoffeine For Men Diet Pills

Myoffeine Slimming Tablets For Men

Myoffeine for menMyoffeine is a natural fat burner for men. A majority of commercially available slimming tablets are either unisex or have a slight bias toward female dieters.

The official Myoffeine Website asks the question – “Why is this fat burner exclusivley for men?”, the answer, would you believe is this…

Because a woman would lose weight too quickly, they would put  on 10lbs of muscle and grow hair on their chests.

This is kind of marketing message typifies slimming products from the other side of the Atlantic

Myoffeine is not just a slimming tablet but also specially formulated to burn fat, increase testosterone levels and produce a lean fit body rippling with muscles.

Myoffiene Ingredients

The formula relies heavily on a high caffeine content – as a majority of fat burning slimming tablets tend to do.

The other main ingredients are:

  • Citrus Anhydrous
  • Citrus Aurantium
  • Cinnamon

Does Myoffeine Work

The most likely outcome is disappointment, the high caffeine content may create a heightened state of alertness. As for gaining rippling muscles, do not hold on  to any kind of hope.

Where To Buy Myoffeine UK

The official website is the most obvious place to purchase – UK consumers should be mindful of a high shipping charge as the product is distributed from the United States.

Consumers should be also be wary of the lack of guarantee. The official website states that due to the considerable discounts available …. no guarantee is offered!

Should I Buy Myoffeine

A product to steer well clear of!

Alternative Slimming Pills

proactol5Proactol – a natural fat binder that can stop the absorption of up to 25% of dietary fat from food consumed.

Proactol cannot promise you rippling muscles – but can provide clinical evidence and all necessary accreditation of efficacy.

Proactol has twice won Slimming Pill of the Year

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