Benefits Of Acai Berries

Acai Berries For Weight Loss & Detox

You may have heard a thing or two about Acai or Acai berries in recent months. The media across the Atlantic is gripped with Acai hysteria and it is slowly filtering to the UK.

Oprah Winfrey gave Acai the Hoodia treatment and dedicated a part of her TV program to explaining the benefits of the Acai berry and how it can provide tremendous health benefits not just for weight loss for a host of other conditions.

Acai is the fruit of the Amazonian Palm and provide weight loss, rejuvenation and detoxifying properties to human health.

Stay Healthy With Acai

The Acai Berry is a natural, rich source of antioxidant-carrying anthocyanins that naturally help ward off free radical damage throughout the body which is important when you are trying to diet and keep fit.

Anthocyanins can also help promote cardiovascular health and cellular integrity.

Recent studies by Agrilife Research has shown that Acai berries can significantly promote an antioxidant effect in the blood.

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So What Is Pure Acai Berry

Pure Acai Berry is proprietary formula that combines three powerful ingredients that work in harmony alongside the Acai ingredients. The other three ingredients are

  • L-theanine – an amino acid that is exclusively found in tea. This amino acid can have relieve stress and have a calming effect on the brain.
  • Chromium – helps support the blood sugar regulation. Acai Berry Select includes an additional 25% of your daily requirement.
  • Green Tea Extract – a strong antioxidant component that helps fight the ageing effects of Free Radicals.

Technical Bit

By neutralizing these free radicals, anthocyanins from the Acai berry may actually serve to maintain the healthy function of numerous systems and organs.

Some of the anthocyanins that have been found in Acai include cyanidin-3-glucoside and cyanidin-3-glucoside-coumarate. Other phenolics include catechin and epi-catechin (the same compounds in green tea), quercetin derivatives and other flavonoids.

It is likely that the synergistic effects of these compounds, as present in Acai fruit are responsible for its potent antioxidant activities.

Acai Selects provides the antioxidant power of Acai berries with the health-promoting and fat burning benefits of Green Tea.

Acai Can Energize

One of the biggest issues facing somebody who is on a diet and trying consume less food is the constant feeling or fatigue, tiredness and lack of energy. Acai berries are rich in vitamins and nutrients that supply the body with energy

Can I Use Acai Berries With Other Slimming Supplements

Acai can compliment almost any other kind of supplement – if the supplement is drug based and via prescription always consult your GP before taking.

Where To Buy Pure Acai Berry

Berry products are available to buy in most high streets stores that specialise in health and wellness products (Holland and Barrett etc…)

The internet is another place that is inundated with Acai Berry product. This is not always a good thing as a huge majority of Acai products do not contain freeze dried Acai and are relatively worth less

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