Alli Diet Plan Book

What Is The Alli Diet Plan

alli-diet-plan-bookThe Alli Diet Pill was introduced to the UK mid April amid a blaze of publicity. Boots, Tesco, Superdrug and other high street vendors were quick to position Alli in the premier spots among their current range of slimming products.

A product that was released at a similar time was the accompanying book – The Alli Diet Plan.

Billed as the “Essential Guide To Success With Alli”  the 350 page paperback  contains everything you could possibly need to know about the former prescription only slimming drug.

What Is The Alli Diet Plan

Consumers hoping for a revolutionary new diet plan may be a little disappointed.

The first few chapters detail exactly what Alli is, how best to use it and an explanation of the much publicized side effect (the Alli Oops)

It covers all the bases from a technical perspective,  explaining in great detail that there are different enzymes that break down proteins, carbohydrates and fats and that the active ingredient (Orlistat) only prevents the breakdown of fat so that the other nutrients can slip through.

This information though, is readily available on the internet, for free.

The rest of the book (over three quarters) is just a recipe book. Consumers paying £9.95 for 350 pages that could quite easily be condensed to 50 may feel ever so slightly ripped off.

Is The Alli Diet Plan Worth Buying

A tenner will not put too much of a hole in your weight loss budget, but it is a needless purchase.

As mentioned above, there is more than enough Alli information available for free on the internet. The 300 or so pages of recipes are not new or inspiring.

Where To Buy The Alli Diet Plan Book

Any high street shop that sell the Alli diet pill will most likely stock the book. Bookstores such as Waterstones, Wh Smith and Amazon also supply.

Alli Diet Pill

Alli Diet PillIf you are thinking of trying the Alli diet pill it is  recommended to understand what it is and exactly what it does.

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