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Holland & Barrett Acai Berry Capsules

acai-hollandbarrettHolland & Barrett supply a wide range of health products including Acai Berry – the health supplement that is starting to become the must have product.

Acai is generally considered to the Number 1 Superfood.

Acai berries contain extraordinary levels of anthocyanins, a powerful antioxidant as well as essential fatty acids that can help reduce cholesterol when used as part of a balanced diet.

Acai is also extremely good at ridding the body of harmful toxins and can help flush away waste material that build up over time.

  • Acai berries contain a high amino acid and protein content.
    This small grape like fruit contains nineteen different amino acids – these acids help with the growth, repair, and maintain our body tissues. As your body can only supply eleven of these, the rest have to come from your diet.
  • The Acai also contain three different plant sterols – B-sitosterol, campesterol and sigmasterol. These areessential for maintaining a healthy working heart – plus also they help out colon and digestive system  perform better.
  • Acai berries also contain vitamins B1, B2, B3, C and E, supplying just as much vitamin C as another superfood – blueberries.
    Plus, for every 100 grams of Acai, you receive more than 1000 IU of Vitamin A.
  • Acai is also full of minerals, specifically potassium, calcium, copper, magnesium, and zinc.

Acai is widely acknowledged to have one of the highest nutritional values of any fruit, hence it’s association with the term ‘superfood’.

Acai Berry capsules are available online from Holland & Barrett’s store priced at £14.99 for one months supply. Possibly the cheapest Acai capsule available to UK consumers.

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PureAcaiBerryPure Acai Berry as a brand is highly recommended. The product is not only certified but contains a high concentration of freeze dried Acai and is not diluted with any artificial ingredients or chemical preservatives.

Pure Acai Berry is exactly as advertised – Pure Acai Berry  with 1500mg per serving.

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