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Proactol fat binderIn an attempt to capitalise on the boom time as far as diet, weight loss and slimming is concerned manufacturers connected with the weight loss industry are upping their spend on advertising in time for the spring bonanza.

Some diet pill producers prefer to market heavily either on television or in health related magazines – while others who do not have the marketing clout of the pharmaceutical giants have to rely on the product selling itself.

Proactol virtually sells itself – very rarely will you see an advert in media publications or television. Proactol have just the one product, a natural fat binder that has been available buy direct without the need of a prescription from the manufacturers website for a little over three years now.

Proactol rely on real life testimonials and slimming success stories that are independently introduced into the media.

Proactol In The Media

Over the last few years Proactol has been championed by many leading healthcare practitioners.

“Proactol offers dieters a real opportunity of permanent weight loss.”

telegraph-recommends-proact1More Recently Proactol has been featured in the Telegraph – a survey of thousands of slimmers who had successfully reached their weight loss targets were asked to name the top 5 ways in they met their weight loss goals in 2008. The use of a natural binder and Proactol specifically were named as one of the top 5. Read Telegraph Article

US publication Florida Style ran an article towards the end of 2008 highlighting the best methods to lose the baby fat after giving birth – again Proactol was given the thumb up.

The latest boost to the ever growing reputation and popularity of Proactol was given by the Sunday Times – the broadsheet ran an article confirming Proactol as serious diet product that can return some pretty decent results.

“Proactol is a serious weight loss product”

So What Is Proactol And How Does It Work

Proactol is made from natural extract of the Optunia ficus-indica cactus. The extract can bind with your dietary fat and stop the absorption of around a quarter (25%) of the fat you consume form your everyday meals.

Without radically changing your diet you can possibly and effectively negate the effect of around 400 calories per day (the average calorie consumption per day is around 2000)

“You can effectively reduce your calorie intake considerably on a daily basis”

How Does Proactol Work

how-proactol-worksProactol is a natural fat binder – a fibre complex. When you eat a meal the fat usually gets absorbed or digested by your stomach. Proactol can stop or prevent a portion (around 25% of this fat from being digested.

The undigested  fat can then pass freely through your system without creating additional or excess body fat.

For a better explanation as to the science read – How Proactol Works

Try Proactol For Yourself

Proactol in the Sunday TimesProactol are currently offering a discount on selected packages to celebrate the feature in the Sunday Times.

If you want to try for yourself visit the Proactol Website and use the eVoucher discount STPR01 at the order page.

Orders can be placed either phone or via online.

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