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Best Price For Alli Weight Loss Aid

Alli Slimming PillsGSK the manufacturers of Alli are about to embark on a big marketing campaign within the UK.

The adverts should appear on our TV screens, on the radio and in magazines and newspapers.

Alli was first introduced to the UK in the spring 2009 – the initial introduction was so successful that high street stores such as Boots and Superdrug depleted stock levels within days – some within hours.

The latest marketing campaign is set to be even bigger. Alli has 6 month of history under its belt in the UK marketplace and can now claim fame to be best selling diet pill in Great Britain this year (2009) eclipsing even Lipobind

So What Makes Alli So Successful

A successfully marketed product does not necessarily equate to an effective one in some circumstances – but Alli has proved to live up to its hype and forged a solid reputation.

Using Alli In Your Diet Can Dramtically Improve Your Chances Of Success

Alli is to date, the only FDA approved weight loss capsule that can be purchased over the counter.

Alli is a sligher lower strength version of the most widely prescribed diet pill, Xenical (the brand name for Orlistat)

Alli Stops Up To 28% Of Fat From Food Consumed from Being Digested By Your Stomach

Alli can stop the absorption of a percentage of fat from the food that you eat – stopping excess body fat building up in the places that don’t want them too (stomach, hips, thighs and rear)

Where To Buy Alli Cheaply 

Alli can be purchased in many authorised high street stores including pharmacy type retailers such as Boots and Superdrug as well as major supermarkets such as Tesco, Sainsburys, and Asda.

Purchasing via the high street is not entirely straight forward as a simple has to be completed  Рthis will then need to be authorized by the in store pharmacist.

Ordering online from authorized suppliers is less complicated – a simple form still has to completed but can be done far quicker and without the potential embarrassment factor.


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A long 60 day guaranteed period underlines the fact that the manufacturers have unwavering confidence in their product.

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