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cheap-zotrimZotrim have lowered pricing across the board to celebrate unveiling a shiny new website.

Zotrim has been available for nearly a decade – and the old Zotrim website was starting look aged and uninspring.

The revamp seems to coincide with the huge amount of publicity it is recieving on the back of the BBC exposé – Diet Clinic

The BBC television programme Diet Clinic fronted by the daunting Professor Lesley Reagan took an in depth look at how the slimming industry is being overun by dubious products and went about testing a selection of high profile diet products to see if they could substantiate their claims.

There were not that many products that came out unscathed. The one product that did survive and recieved almost muted approval was remarkably Zotrim.

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How Does Zotrim Work

Zotrim is a natural and herbal slimming tablet that is designed to reduce calorie intake by suppressing the appetite before, during and after a meal and also providing an increase in energy levels giving the dieter extra incentive to burn calories.

the new low pricing brings it in line with most high street outlets  – the official Zotrim website also offers shoppers the chance to buy up to 6 months supply costing a shade over £70.

buy-zotrim-onlineIf you were to buy a 6 months supply of Alli (GlaxoSmithKine’s offering) it would cost well over £250.

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