What Is The Best Carb Blocker

Best Carb Blocker To Buy

In an industry where the appetite suppressant and the fat burner seems to be the weight loss pill of choice for many, the Carb Blocker is being somewhat overlooked.

But the blocking a percentage of carbohydrates from your daily diet is an incredibly effective way to lose weight quickly in a safe and sustained manner.

The modern western diet is very high in carbohydrates: rice, pasta, bread, potatoes and cakes are commonly consumed foods but can lead to piling on the pounds if too much is taken on regularly.

Carb blockers are designed to prevent the absorption of carbohydrates (a portion) allowing you to continue eating the foods that you enjoy without feeling the after effects.

With this isn mind we have put together a list of the top three carb blockers to buy.


Hit the headlines with several national newspapers calling it the “miracle diet pill“.

C-Plex60 can help to reduce carbohydrate absorption by up to 80% of calories in a normal meal containing 600 calories. This effectively translates to a decrease of 30% of the total calories taken on.

Generally, an adult with moderate activity takes an average of 600 calories in a meal or about 1800 calories in his/her daily diet.

C-Plex60 does not cause any adverse reactions or side effects and is available without the need for a prescription.

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Until the introduction of C-Plex60 DeCarb was the most popular and commonly sold carb blocker in the UK.

DeCarb can help prevent around 60% of carbohydrate absorption.

Celebrity user include television journalist Gail Porter.

DeCarb is also available to buy without restriction and also free from side effects.

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Dietrine has pretty much much lost market share as a result of the popularity of the two above but still nonetheless a highly effective product.

Dietrine was one of the original carb blockers to be introduced to the commercial market.

Diterine has lost of clinical data and has been subjected to numerous scientific trails.

Just as with C-Plex60 and Decarb, Dietrine can be purchased and should not raise any issues by way of side effects

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