The Gastric Band Pill

Does The Gastric Band Pill Work

gastric-band-pillAnyone bordering on obesity may have at some point considered Gastric Banding – or stomach stapling.

Gastric Banding was highlighted in the media after the Fern Brittondid she or didn’t she” news coverage.

Fern’s surgery did prove a success but plenty of others have not been so fortunate…

Gastric Banding should be considered a last resort not due only to the high cost but also the potential dangers. Anything that involves evasive surgery on a major organ carries risk.

Some potential dangers include:

  • Infections
  • Internal Bleeding
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis
  • Digestive Disorders

The Gastric Band Pill, on the other hand is not evasive – it is a generic term to describe quite simple a slimming pill that suppresses appetite.

One of the originators to jump onto the lucrative “Gastric Band” concept was Clinico – the product was simply called the Gastric Band Pill

How Does The Gastric Band Pill Work

The ingredients within the formula are supposed to expand in the stomach creating a smaller capacity – this in turn creates a feeling satiety or fullness.

Even simplified – Appetite Suppression.

Appetite suppression is nothing new but the arrival of products aimed at expanding in the stomach rather than fooling the brain (ala Hoodia) is.

Do Gastric Band Pills Really Work

The real lack of any kind of clinical proof raises major doubts. Most of the success stories involving Gastric Band Pills do seem a tad manufactured.

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