Does Phytodren Work

Phytodren Review

Phytodren fat loss capsules are designed for both sexes and promise quick and significant weight loss. Phytodren says it will burn off your unattractive body fat, help you to feel full while consuming less food and boost your levels of energy. Phytodren also has ingredients in it which can give you a ‘chocolate high’ sensation, similar to how you feel after consuming chocolate.

Every Phytodren bottle includes sixty capsules and each capsule is taken prior to breakfast, and again prior to lunch, to help prevent disrupted sleep. Phytodren is only purchasable online from a select few review sites, and its’ official website, and each bottle costs £40.00/ $69.95.

How Phytodren Works

The advertising behind Phytodren implies that the product will help you win the constant fight inside your head between cravings for food and reduced metabolism (which it calls the “evil one” or NPY), and your wish to lower your intake of calories and bolster metabolism (which it calls the “good one” or CART).

The whole CART and NPY thing is beginning to look a bit out dated – there are around a dozen remarkably similar products that employ the use if this terminology.

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By triggering the metabolic reactions which produce CART, and suppressing those which stimulate NPY, Phytodren says that it will help you triumph in the bulge battle!

The Ingredients of Phytodren

Phytodren contains five ingredients which are:

  • Humulus Lupulus (Hops) – An extremely mild stimulant
  • Andrean Cocoa Extract – Rich in anti oxidants and made from the coco plant
  • Caffeine – Which produces a temporary metabolic rate increase and release of energy
  • Synephrine HCl – A legal Ephedrine alternative, which claims to stimulate weight loss by boosting metabolism, shedding fat and enhancing levels of energy
  • PEA (Phenylethylamine) – Derived from chocolate and produces a ‘Chocolate High’ sensation

Phytodren Advantages

  1. Can produce a ‘chocolate high’ from its’ cocoa extract!
  2. very similar to other products currently in circulation

Phytodren Disadvantages

  1. Lacks clinical evidence to support its’ claims
  2. The quantities of ingredients are not disclosed
  3. Caffeine is among its’ primary ingredients

The side-effects of Phytodren

You are advised not to take Phytodren if you’re sensitive to stimulants or caffeine. Otherwise, you ought to be OK, as long as you don’t exceed the dosage recommended.

Phytodren Conclusion

Obviously trying to appeal to lovers of chocolate, Phytodren might well offer you a brief ‘chocolate high’, but it is not likely to produce anything in the way of weight loss!

No quantities of ingredients are disclosed, so it is not clear if enough quantities are there to make any impact. The product’s ingredients leave a lot to be desired as well! Phytodren heavily depends upon stimulants, like cocoa extract and caffeine (and Humulus Lupulus to a lesser degree) to stimulate the metabolic rate. Such stimulants might result in some nasty and severe side-effects, which could make a user want to stop taking the product. Would you really enjoy quivering all day, or lying in bed, due to a night of insomnia?

You can be the judge of this, but many other fat burners are on the market which are clinically tested and which offer superior fat loss results without stimulants. So, for this reason, Phytodren can not be recommended.

Where To Buy Phytodren In The UK

UK customers, it would appear can only buy from the official webstore. There is not a Uk high street outlet (Boots, Tesco, Holland and Barrett etc.)

Alternative Diet Pills

Although billed as new product. Phytodren is anything but in terms of ingredients and marketing. This whole CART / NPY thing has been done to death and then some.

There are several diet pills and tablets that are proving incredibly effective and popular.

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