Cuur Swedish Diet Pill

Cuur Review – Thin Is In

Cuur is the latest weight loss product to come out of Sweden.

The official website displays the rather cliched phrase “Thin Is In” as well as an endorsement from a celebrity, namely Katelyn Verrier, a Swedish bikini model.

Its creator is world-renowned slimming expert Dr. Marcin Krotkiewski. He is a professor in medicine and has focused his entire working career in the field of weight management and slimming.

What Is Cuur

Its is mainly comprised of green tea, betula alba, yerba mate and coleus forskohlii, the combination is safe for consumption, natural and according to clinical trials, effective to be used in conjunction witha healthy eating plan.

How Does Cuur Work

The official website does not go into great lengths as the finer workings – but the green tea component is an obvious fat burner.

Green tea is one the most potent natural fat burners on the planet with a history of success dating back centuries.

It is also unclear exactly which specific type of green tea is included in the formula – not all green tea’s are the same.

Cuur Side Effects

On the positive side, Cuur is safe for human consumption if taken as recommended.

Where To Order Cuur In Britain

Presently there is not a UK based stockist.

Is Cuur Recommended

Hard to recommend for a UK consumer considering the fact that several products exist within these shores that have a more convincing story.

Looking Elsewhere

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