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If you are contemplating buying or using a fat burner then there is really only ingredient in town at the moment.

This ingredient is capsicum – or red hot chilli pepper.

There have been many clinical trials that proved time and time again that chili pepper can have a profound fat burning effect and help reduce your waistline quite considerably.

Capsiplex is the original chili slimming tablet and has featured in almost every publication that has a relation to slimming, diet and weight loss.

It has also appeared in the national press with newspapers such as the Daily Express, Daily Mail, The Sun, Mirror and Telegraph highlighting its merits.

Recently a new product has appeared using similar ingredients – Capsipure.

We wouldn’t go as far as to say that Capsipure is a blatant ripp off or copy of Capsiplex but it is remarkably similar.

What Is Capsipure

Produced by OmniActive Health Technologies and utilising a proprietary blend of Capsimax (capsicum extract.

Capsipure mimics a similar ideology to Capsiplex by claiming that red hot chili pepper (capsicum extract) taken in the correct dosage can have a positive and rapidly efficient effect the fat burning effect of your body

The claims are not without substantiation either with many independent trials concluding that red hot chili does have the ability to burn calories.

Is Capsipure Worth Buying Over Capsiplex

Capsiplex is the originator or the whole chili slimming tablet phenomenon and should not be over looked – Capsipure is about a fiver cheaper but also does not have the clinical and scientific data around it.

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Where To Buy Capsipure

Currently stocked in store at selected branches of Holland and Barrett