Anyone Used DECarb Carb Blocker

DECarb Carb Blocker Slimming Tablet Review

DecarbGoldshield have released another weight loss product to co-exist with two other popular products, Lipobind and Appesat.

DECarb is the new carb blocking supplement created to prevent the absorption of a percentage of carbohydrates from food consumed.

The manufacturers claim that DECarb can stop over 60% of excess carbs from adding to your waistline and help to aid your weight loss regime by approximately 2lbs per week.

How Does DECarb Work

DEcarb contains a formulated substance called PhaseLite. PhaseLite a glycoprotein complex that prevents a portion of carbohydrate digestion.

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The manufacturers strongly suggest that DEcarb is most effective when used together with a sensible and healthy diet and exercise program.

There is an appetite suppressing agent present, although what this is exactly is not fully detailed.

DECarb Negative Side Effects

It is a certified Class 2a medical device product that basically means that it causes a physical more than a biochemical reaction on the body, if taken as recommended in the instructions it should not pose a problem to health.

Is DECarb Worth Buying

Relatively new, untried and untested so we can recommend with any conviction.

Alternative Carb Blockers

dietrine-product1Dietrine is one of the widely used and successful carb blocker on both sides of the Atlantic. Dietrine uses Phase 2 rather than PhaseLite as its active ingredient.

Dietrine is around £10 cheaper per packet and has a history of usage.

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