Size Zero Diet Patch Scam

Size Zero Patch

The Size Zero (or Size 0) Patch is often mistaken for the Size Zero Pill

Both products are similar in name (one is a slimming patch and the other a diet pill) and both share the same rather disturbing ideology of Size Zero.

Size Zero is the dress size that is considered to be the ultimate in feminine desirability – but in effect it is the epitome of what is wrong about the fashion industry.

The Size Zero Pill was based around a pretty nasty ingredient called Clenbuterol, a substance that should not really be used for human consumption.

The Size Zero Pill is pretty dangerous and can cause a whole host of side effects.

The Size Zero Patch thankfully is completely unrelated ingredient wise – but this is the only real positive in what is a product to steer well clear of.

Size Zero Patch Reviews

The Size 0 Patch is not reviewed, commented on or shown a particularly good light on a majority of weight loss, diet and slimming internet forums and chat rooms.

Most users seem to asking how to get their money back or when the product will arrive. Not a good sign.

We could go to give it a review and list the ingredients and how it is supposed to work but the official website is devoid of any real information.

Does The Size 0 Patch Work

Judging by the sheer weight of negative customer comments and poor user reviews we suggest it doesnt.

Where To Buy The Size 0 Patch UK

The official website is a good place to start – this should not be too difficult to find.

Other sources it has been spotted is eBay and Amazon.

Recommended Alternative Slimming Patches

The Slim Weight Patch is the exact opposite of the Size 0 Patch.

It is researched product with clinical studies behind it.

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