Roxanne Pallett Diet Story

Roxanne Pallett Loses A Stone With Capsiplex

Emmerdale’s Jo Sugden, otherwise known as Roxanne Pallett has been appeared in the media showing off her new slim figure.

Roxanne is thrilled with her weight loss results after dropping 2 dress sizes and shedding a stone in weight.

She attributes the use of a natural fat burner called Capsiplex as the catalyst.

Capsiplex is a thermogenic diet pill that can help you burn excess body without actually much participation on your part.

The media has coined it several times over with the “Slim While You Sit Pill” and the “Celebrity Diet Pill” being the two most catchy – the latter serving reference to its popularity amongst some of Hollywoods high profile A listers.

Miracle Diet Pill – Sold Out

Capsiplex first came to prominence¬†after news stories broke in the press that a “Miracle Diet Pill” was available to buy without prescription. This lead to a clamour after which the product completely sold out under a few days of its release.

Thankfully Capsiplex is back in stock and has now sold well over one million units to worldwide customer base.

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