Lean 1 Weight Loss Drink

Lean 1 Meal Replacement

Britney Spears is the news again with her latest weight attempts – this time its a slimming drink called Lean 1

Lean 1 is a meal replacement that is supposedly responsible for helping Britney to shed 10lbs in 2 weeks.

Taking two shakes daily accompanied by a salad and some protein – Britney has described Lean 1 as better than Liposuction.

Lean 1 is also a big favourite amongst other Hollywood celebs’s such as Jennifer Lopez, Courtney Cox, Tiger Woods and Adam Sandler.

How Does Lean 1 Work

Lean 1 contains around 400 calories per day and is comprised of herbs that boost metabolism and suppress appetite.

Health Risks Of Lean 1

But health chiefs warn that meal replacements can be a danger to health.

Depriving the body of essential nutrients can lead to all kinds of illnesses and conditions ranging from constipation, heart problems to the more serious diseases such as bowel cancer.

Health expert Doctor Hilary Jones is not too complimentary about low calorie diets suggesting that under nourishment can also have other side effects such as causing your hair to fall out.

Doctor Hilary goes on to say that their is no magic weight loss formula but one of the better natural substances is Hoodia

Hoodia can suppress appetite without depriving the body of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

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