Hannah Waterman Body Blitz DVD

Hannah Waterman Body Blitz Fat Loss DVD

hanna-waterman-body-blitzBody Blitz is the title of the new weight loss (diet and fitness) DVD for former Eastenders actress Hannah Waterman

Its not unusual for a former soap star to release a diet DVD after successfully losing a large amount of weight – and and even less unusual for them to release one just in time to cash in on the new year resolution craze that starts when the seasonal festivities have ended and the stark realisation hits that our waistline has expanded slightly more than anticipated.

Shed 2.5 stone and 5 dress sizes

Hannah-Waterman-weight-lossHannah reportedly shed 2.5 stone and dropped 5 dress sizes to slim down from size 16 and weighing in at a hefty 10st 4lb. Now she is a slimmer 7st 10lb, and looks ideal for her 5ft 2in frame.

The DVD focuses on interval training and is divided into small bursts of intense rigorous exercise followed by an equal amount of rest period. According to Martin MacDonald (Hannah’ s personal trainer) “All the latest scientific studies show it’s the most efficient way to burn fat. In fact it’s 4-5 times better at burning fat than normal aerobic exercise”.

With absolutely no disrespect to Hannah or other famous celebrities who have followed suit but its difficult to know whether the diet DVD was produced as a result of the weight loss – or the DVD was the sole intention to inspire the weight loss, if you get my drift.

Either way Hannah Waterman’s Body Blitz is available to buy in most stockists including HMV, WH Smiths, Tesco etc as well as online via Amazon and Play.com

Calorie Reduction The Secret To Permanent Weight Loss

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The most effective way to lose weight initially and more importantly to keep the weight off, is to consume less – or reduce your daily calorie intake.

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