Alternative To Botox Injections

Botox In A Bottle – The Choice Of The Stars

If you have ever wondered how some of our favourite celebrities retain their youthful looks, their skin looking smooth and flawless, free from the fine lines and wrinkles that affect us all as we get that little bit older.

Many celebrities resort to Botox or filler injections to re-plump their skin, but others such as super model Kate Moss, ex-spice girl Victoria Beckham and Girls Aloud singer cum TV presenter Cheryl Cole are all reported to be fans of the latest skin care product to hit the marketplace.

“Botox In A Bottle”

Featured in the media last year; Skinfluence moisturising cream has been also called ‘Botox in a Bottle’ it uses a rather unique ingredient, called Syn-ake, a man made synthetic version of snake venom.

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Not just any snake venom, syn-ake is made to replicate the venom produced by the Asian Temple Viper, many studies into the action of this snake’s venom on its victims demonstrated a similar muscle freezing effect to that created by being injected botox. When applied to the skin topically the active ingredients in Skinfluence recreate the freezing effect of Botox to smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

“Cheaper and Safer Than Botox Injections”

The effects of using Skinfluence Cream with Syn-ake are almost immediate.

The developers of Syn-ake; scientists from a company called Pentapharm carried out stringent tests on the effects of Skinfluence; the results were conclusive, demonstrating that with regular use over 28 days, over 52% of all lines and wrinkles were reduced, with over 80% of all test subjects reporting improved skins smoothness and texture.

Skinfluence is cheaper and safe than botox injections.

Made in an FDA approved facility, Skinfluence has a luxurious silky feel to it and as it is non-perfumed is suitable for use by both Men and Women.

The product has NOT been tested on animals and is fully clinically approved surpassing all UK and EU cosmetic laws – So you can purchase a totally 100% UK made product from a UK based company in confidence.

Far cheaper and without the discomfort and possible side effects of having Botox injections; Skinfluence moisturising cream with Syn-ake can be purchased securely on line, usually priced at £69.99 for 50ml jar, the manufacturers are offering Skinfluence for the reduced price of £59.45 – a saving of 15%

Orders are shipped worldwide quickly and discreetly.

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