Weight Loss, Pregnancy & Slimming Supplements

Pregnancy, Weight Loss And Slimming Supplements

One the negative by products of pregnancy is the inevitable weight gain. The average expectant mother can gain between 25 to 30 lbs (pounds) during pregnancy.

This figure may seem horrific but it is an experience that happens to women the world the over. Many experts believe that it takes nine months to gain this excess weight so for a healthy safe weight reduction, plan to lose the weight in nine months.

During pregnancy it is highly advised to refrain from taking any kind of diet pill or slimming supplement – whatever supplement that is taken will be absorbed by not only the mother but also their unborn child.

The general rule of thumb concerning not only slimming supplements but any other kind is consult with your GP first.

Slimming Supplements After Childbirth

After the child is born the temptation would be to lose the excess weight as quickly as possible – diet pills or slimming supplements enter into the equation again.

If a mother is breast feeding, any supplement taken would also be absorbed by the new born child. If in doubt do not take a supplement when either pregnant or breast feeding.

After the child is not reliant on the mother for nutrients directly (breast feeding) it is perfectly safe to introduce a slimming supplement if required.

Best Slimming Supplement To Lose Baby Fat

One of the most effective slimming supplements to take to help with getting rid of baby fat is Proactol.

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