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If you are suffering from obesity, fear not – a new slimming pill is just around the corner that can help you lose weight and can rival weight loss surgery.

Student at the UCL (University College London) are developing a new slimming pill that can control hunger and reduce appetite. This new breed of weight loss medication is being researched and developed and should be with us in decade or so … that’s 10 years.

Rather puzzling that the UCL see the need to spend time and resources on a slimming product that already exists. Hoodia Gordonii.

Hoodia Gordonii has been us since time immemorial and has been used to suppress appetite and control hunger cravings for around a millennium. Hoodia is natural plant extract that does nor require too much research and development – so why is it necessary to reinvent the wheel? Read more about Hoodia

Hoodia aside another appetite suppressing product that is widely available is called Phentermine. It has to be highlighted that Phentermine is far from natural in terms of the potential side effects. Phentermine is prescription only slimming pill. Read more about Phentermine

New Thin Pill

The new slimming pills as yet unnamed but nicknamed the Thin Pill is aimed toward the obese or very overweight. In these circumstances where conventional weight loss medicine has failed a sufferer will be given the option of weight loss surgery – or Gastric Banding (Gastroplasty)

This is seen as last resort as many complications can aride from Gastric Banding – even death, which is a side effect too far even for the clinically obese.

So if you can wait 10 years too discover what the UCL have in store for us all very well and good. For those wanting or needing to lose weight on a quicker timescale there are many products that have medical approval and have undergone clinical trials.

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