Herbal Diet Pills

Herbal Diet Supplements

Billions of pounds are spent by consumers each and every year on diet pills, weight loss supplements and slimming products – the UK consumer spend is well in excess of 10 million. Diet pills or tablet form weight loss is by the most popular.

The GP prescribed or prescription only diet pill route is governed by strict guidelines and regulations and so a tighter reign can be kept on these products – most prescription only weight loss tablets are classed as drugs and not available for the consumer to buy.

The other end of the diet pill market is the herbal or natural slimming products – the rules, regulations and control over these type of products is not so tight – to put it mildly. The herbal diet pill market is very crowded and it is here that hype and over exaggeration is rife.

While some pharmaceutical drug based weight loss tablets are granted approval on the merits and safety of the product – others are granted approval through the power of the organisations behind the products. Money and profit can sometimes be the main factor.

Herbal Diet Pills And Side Effects

Some diet pills can cause side effetcs, whilst others are completely safe – although it is a misconseption to assume that all herbal based diet pills are side effect free. Most ingredients used in all genres of diet pills have started out at some point being sourced from nature.

Herbal Diet Pills Compared to Precription Drugs

Given the choice most would choose the natural alternative – but for some that luxury is not afforded. The obese and dangerously overweight need weight loss quickly and under supervision – this is why a weight loss drug such as Xenical plays an important part. More about Xenical here.

For the dieter that needs to lose weight and is not considered dangerously overweight the sheer choice of products is huge and confusing.

Cheap Herbal Diet Pills

Cheapest doesn’t mean best – if price is an issue then there is real danger that the budget minded may pay for the privilege of a placebo effect and the only pounds they are likely to lose are from their wallet.

Proactol Plus – An MHRA approved fat binder that is available to buy without prescription.

Proactol Plus is natural, side effect free and has many weight loss success stories attached to it.

While a majority of herbal diet pills are being removed from the market and shelves due their uncertified status, Proactol Plus will remain.

If you are serious about losing weight then Proactol Plus is a premium grade diet product.

More about Proactol Plus