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The health benefits of green tea are widely known and have been for centuries. The ancient Chinese population used to drink green tea (and still do to this day) to help with so many health aspects. Not least weight loss.

The green tea related products that you will find in the high street in stores such as Holland & Barrett, Boots the Chemists and other popular health chain stores are very much produced for recreation rather than medicinal purposes.

The original 400 year recipe is available for the first time in the UK. Cho-Yung Green Tea

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What Is Cho -Yung Green Tea

Cho-Yung is the original Chinese green tea recipe that contains leaves of the Camilla Sinensis tea bush, Oolong tea, Lotus leaf, Hawthorn, Alisma Rhizome, Cassia seeds, Jiaogulan and Poria.

You would be forgiven for not being au fait with the the ingredients above  – but (language permitting) ask the indigenous Chinese population, who enjoy the longest life expectancy than any other country in the world.

How Is Green Tea Beneficial

Green tea comprises of natural substances that can not just burn fat but convert excess body fat into energy. There are also strong antioxidants, compounds that protect us both internally and externally from oxidation and the effects of the ravages of time caused by free radicals.

Free radical are a major contributing factor to human decay – green tea can form an internal and external barrier to help reduce the effects of ageing, again ask the Chinese!

Cho-Yung  green tea has both science and centuries of working proof on its side.

Green tea has been responsible for countless weight loss success stories – could it work for you!

Alternative Green Tea Products

Recently a new addition has been added to the Green Tea market place. Tava Tea has been created from three of the most effective green teas in existence to form a unique product.

Recently Tava Tea made the front page of national newspaper the Sunday Express with the rather witty headline “slimming tea causes a stir

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