Foods To Avoid When Dieting

Foods Not To Eat When Trying To Slim

Any successful slimmer will confirm that losing weight does not come without sacrifice. Cutting back on certain foods or reducing food portions is an absolute neccessity.

It is a pity that a majority of foods that should be avoided are probably the most appealing. But – no gain without pain.

If you enjoy your food just that little bit too much and overindulgence is a word that befits your profile, you have to change.

There is little point staring into a full length mirror forlornly while the last remnants of the chicken bhuna you polished off for dinner still sits in your kitchen.

Here are some foods you should try to avoid

  1. Take-aways – possibly the worst type of food to eat when trying to lose weight are burgers, kebabs, chips, pizza and other fried foods. Curry and Oriental take aways should be avoided as well
  2. Chocolate – when popping into a petrol station keep your eyes firmly focused in front of you and don’t be tempted to sneak out with a Bounty bar , Twix or Mint Aero. If you simply have eat a chocolate bar, eat a Curly Wurly.
  3. Sugar – by all means have a cup of tea or coffee, both have some fat burning qualities, but dont void the effect by heaping a couple of teaspoons of sugar in.
  4. Biscuits – while on the subject of tea and coffee, remember biscuits are bad!!!
  5. Cakes – chocolate eclairs taste lovely but they are poison you hear – poison.
  6. White Bread – if you must have a bacon sarnie – make sure you remove the rind and wipe away any fat and use brown bread instead of white. Brown bread good, white bread bad.
  7. Fizzy Drinks – such as coke, 7up, Pepsi and other sugar laden beverages.
  8. Alcohol – beer, lager, wine basically all things that make you drunk will also make you fat.

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