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Diet Pills That Actually Work 2016

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Diet Pills That Actually Work

Phenq-6Last year was a very successful year for the diet pill industry with one very successful launch from UK and US based Bauer Nutrition and their uber popular PhenQ.

PhenQ is now filling the void left by Alli – the fat blocker that was once the darling of the media that has had a rather chequered existence. While Alli offered a fat blocking mechanism is was not without its faults – the biggest being an anal leakage problem that caused embarrassment to it’s users.

PhenQ on the other had offers it’s users multiple weight loss mechanics of action; fat blocking, fat burning and appetite suppressing benefits – it also has a 60 day money back guarantee and can be ordered directly from the manufacturers who ship free of charge anywhere in the world.

Read the PhenQ review here

alli-orlistatAlli was released into the UK in the early spring 2009 after a being introduced into the American marketplace the previous year.

GSK with a huge advertising budget at their disposal wasted little time in getting Alli onto our TV screens, our magazines and newspapers.

Day one of the release saw high street stockists such as Boots, Tesco and Asda sell out within days – some larger branches the same day.

Alli did come under fire though initially with some rather negative comments concerning a side effect that caused some users the embarrassment and inconvenience of oily discharge – sometimes without warning.

The oily discharge side effect was highlighted by industry insiders as testament that the diet pills was actually working.

Alli is a fat blocker – the active ingredient is Orlistat. Orlistat is present in the most successful and widely used prescription diet pill in history, namely Xenical.

The whole essence as to how Alli works is to stop fat from the food that you eat from being absorbed and digested by your stomach. The unfortunate proof of the pudding is an oily discharge.

The undigested fat has to leave your body somehow and somewhere.

So there you have it – one diet pill that actually works and does what it says on the tin.

How To Buy Alli – Alli Is Now Discontinued

Alli can be purchased without prescription in high stores such as Boots and Tesco’s – purchasing over the counter is not entirely straight forward as a BMI form has to be completed and handed to the in store pharmacist – this can sometimes lead to refusal as in order to qualify you need a BMI of 28 or higher.

Purchasing online can be less problematic – a form still has to be completed but this can be done in the comfort of your own home and with the minimum of embarrassment.




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Alli Slimming Pills Cheapest Price

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Alli Slimming Pills Cheapest Online Price

alli-orlistatSpring 2008 saw the introduction of Alli Orlistat, the strong prescription strength slimming pill, but available to buy over the counter at selected high street and online stores.

Boots the Chemist, Superdrug and most of the major supermarket chains were authorised to sell Alli off the shelf – but certain restrictions did apply. It was not quite as simple as popping a packet in your shopping basket and paying at the checkout.

To qualify to purchase Alli customer had to be in a real need of a weight loss product – a BMI (Body Mass Index) of over 28 was the most obvious requirement.

alli-high-street-chemistCustomers wishing to buy from the high street had to and still have to complete a questionnaire detailing their lifestyle and certain question that could be perceived as rather embarrassing.

High street prices are still reasonably good but the the prices offered via some authorised online pharmacies are more competitive – plus of course the questionnaire can be completed in relative privacy.

Alli Is Now Discontinued

PhenQ reviews for UK and IrelandWe strongly believe PhenQ to be a superior diet product to Alli – PhenQ offers multiple benefits, it can burn fat, block fat and suppress appetite.

PhenQ is fully guaranteed for 60 days – it ships worldwide without a delivery cost

Click here for more info on PhenQ

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Buy Alli In The UK

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Buy Alli? – The New Diet Pill

alli-slimming-pillsThe new “miracle” diet tablet, Alli is now available to buy in the UK.

Alli is the first “diet drug” to be made available without the need of a prescription. Alli is also the first FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) approved diet tablet that is freely available to purchase on the open market.

Alli is a lower strength version (60mg) of the prescription only Orlistat, better known by its brand name Xenical.

At first glance Alli has many positives and is sure to make its manufacturers GlaxoSmithKline huge profits.

It is when the layers are peeled back that Alli may not be the miracle diet tablet that the GlaxoSmithKline marketing machine would have us believe.

Where To Buy Alli In The UK

Alli is now no longer available – click here to read about the fat blocker PhenQ

Alli In The United States

While Alli is the new diet tablet as far as the UK is concerned – US dieters across the Atlantic have been using Alli for a little under 2 years, with mixed results.

There is little doubt that the active ingredient Orlistat is a powerful drug and its fat blocking technology is pretty much unrivaled – but at what cost!

To date the most discussed side effect that Alli can cause is oily stools.  Many US dieters have complained that the blocked fat has contributed to anal leakage, or to put it bluntly and rather crudely – an orange goo has a tendency to leak from the anal passage frequently and without warning.

alli-oopsThis has been coined the Alli Oops and lead to many American christening Alli as the Poo Pill

The oily stool (alli opps) although embarrassing could be perceived as a minor irritant when compared to the potential benefit. The oily stool or anal leakage is solid (sic) evidence that the tablet is working and that fat from your food is indeed being blocked and not digested.

There is though another potential side effect that seems to have been conveniently ignored.

Serious Alli Side Effects

Prescription diet drugs all have one thing is common – they are chemically produced pharamaceutical substances – or put simply, drugs.

Chemically produced prescription  drugs need approval from governmental bodies such as the FDA and MHRA to ensure they are safe for human consumption. This approval process can take time.

Although Orlistat (the active ingredient within Alli) has been approved by due process the feeling is that the product Alli has been rushed through without considering the long term implications.

The most worrying study was undertaken by Public Citizen, a non profit group.  Their suggestion as a result of their independent studies concluded that Alli could cause pre-cancerous lesions in the colons of mice.

Dr. Sidney M. Wolfe, director of Public Citizen’s Health Research Group also suggested that while it is not known whether these pre-cancerous lesions will lead to colon cancer, he and other cancer experts do not believe use of the weight-loss drug is a risk worth taking as no long term studies on humans have been undertaken.

Alli Summary

Alli is targeted towards people who have a high BMI (Body Mass Index) upwards of 28 – if you do have a high BMI you may be eligible for the full strength and more thoroughly studied Phentermine. More about Phentermine

The non prescription market has completely natural products that can rival Alli for effect but without both the minor and potentially fatal side effects. PhenQ is a multi action diet pill.

PhenQ is clinically proven, accredited and available to buy direct without prescription.

More on PhenQ can be found here

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